If your church has a website, there’s a good chance you’re using it to tell people about your upcoming events.

It’s probably a pretty manual process for you, too (unless you’re using Publishing of course 😉). Transferring events from Calendar to your website can be a blackhole for your time.

So we wanted to make it easier for you! Now you can embed a month’s view of events onto your website and share it to Church Center for your entire congregation to see!

Share With Your Church(Center)

Anything you choose to share from the admin side of Planning Center Calendar is published to your Church Center page. And with the new month view, congregants can easily see everything going on at-a-glance!

Just go to any Calendar event and change its Church Center visibility to “Published” and that’s it!

Then, once you set up all the events you want to publish, head over to your Events page and use the share button to reveal a new option: Embed.

Embed on Your Website

Selecting Embed opens up a modal for you to choose a layout, apply campus and category filters, and copy code which can be pasted into another website to show your upcoming events.

A drop-down menu of three different sharing options.

You can even create multiple embeddable calendars for specific pages! For example, you could embed a calendar on your youth ministry page, which only shows upcoming youth events, and as a separate calendar on your main church page which shows everything going on.

Two style selection options and the embed code in a text box for copying and pasting.

What About the Widget?

Previously, we offered a widget which only showed events from the current day.

But in light of the fancy new month-view for Church Center, and the new embed option for websites, we decided it was time to retire the widget for a more flexible, beautiful, and useful month-view.

If you're currently using the widget, fear not—any widget you’ve already created will still work, you just can’t create a new one.

We hope the new embeddable calendar helps get the word out about your events, wherever and however you’re sharing them!

❤️ Team Calendar