There’s an undeniable connection between Calendar and Registrations. You often start in Calendar to plan your events—getting the full picture of everything upcoming and how to position things. Then you start promoting by creating a signup in Registrations.

Each product excels at managing their own piece of an event, but it can be tedious creating an event in two places. At least, until now. 😉

We’ve streamlined the whole event planning process with a seamless connection between Calendar and Registrations.

First, We Plan

Once you’ve mapped an event out on your calendar, check out the Settings tab of the Calendar event where you’ll now see a new option to create a signup! This takes all of the high-level information from your Calendar event—like the name, event image, dates, and times—and creates a brand new signup in Registrations with that information. But that’s not all . . .

A button option to create an event signup.

Next, We Connect

When you create a Registrations signup through your Calendar event, there is an automatic connection with the original Calendar event. 🎉

Bonus feature! You'll notice a new button in the header of both the Registrations signup and the Calendar event. This is the Connections menu which makes it quick and easy to jump directly to a signup or an event once a connection has been made between the two.

A drop-down menu with the option to switch back and forth between applications.

Now when something needs to change in one place it’s easy to see what other places may need to be updated, while also making it simple to get where you need to be.

We want to continue streamlining your events workflow to make managing events from start to finish easy for you and everyone on your team. We’ve got big plans for connections in the future, so stay tuned!

❤️ Team Calendar