Have you ever lost track of the details for an event you were planning—buried in emails, direct messages, or a group text? How do people in your church know how to request to have an event?

Planning Center Calendar has a new feature that’s going to help you prevent lost details, miscommunications, scheduling conflicts, and more: Event Request Forms!

An event request form prompts people for an event name, dates and times, and a brief description of the event.

Once the form is submitted, an event is immediately created in Calendar. All of the information from the form gets populated and stored in our newly revamped event activity page, and you’ll be able to carry on a conversation with the event requester from that page too! Everything you need to plan and manage your event, all in one place.

Create Request Forms for Specific Events

You can also create different forms for a variety of events: a form for weddings, one for community gatherings, one for internal staff use... you get the picture.

Each form is associated with an approval group, so until a member of that approval group approves the event request, that event cannot be shared publicly to iCal feeds, kiosks, or on Church Center.

If the event can’t happen or is just spam, the approval group can choose to reject which deletes the request forever. Alternatively, approving the request goes full-on Pinocchio and turns it into a real event in Calendar.

We have a hunch what you’re going to ask when you start using the new event request forms: “Can someone request rooms and resources directly from the form?” The short answer is that they can’t. Yet. 😉

There are so many powerful features that can be built using these forms that will help you to be quick, organized, and efficient—and we intend to do just that! So be on the lookout for more to come.

❤️ Team Calendar