We may have snuck a little Music Stand update under your Christmas tree last year—did anyone find it?

Whether you use an Apple Pencil to annotate your music sheets, or you draw everything by hand, you will now see a whole new set of drawing tools.

An annotated song with the different width and style options for the editing pencil.

You’ll find a richer toolset, with a new Pencil to join the current Pen and Highlighter, and a whole new experience using them all.

As you draw with an Apple Pencil, you will notice that your note will respond more naturally, almost like you’re drawing on paper. It’s also a much smoother experience if you’re doing all your drawings by hand.

We also included a whole new assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes to decorate your music with.

An annotated song with the different color options for the editing pencil.

Additionally, there are tools for text annotations, a Lasso to move notes and markings around, and an upgraded eraser and undo/redo for making those quick course corrections.

We hope this brings some joy to your practices and presentations!

✏️ The Services Team