Calendar is where you can find all the answers to what events are happening when, where, and with what stuff. But there is one last question—who? Who is in charge of all the rooms and resources assigned to these events?

We made it a little bit easier to answer the “who is in charge here?” question with the shiny new Approval Groups tab!

The Approval Groups tab in Calendar displaying admins, and available rooms and resources.

Now you can see the full scope of what an approval group is responsible for—rooms and resources—and who is in the group, all in one place.

You can still edit the approval groups from the room or resource detail page when you need to, but now you can also add or remove rooms and resources directly from the approval group!

Also, bonus points, we updated the People page so you can see all the people who have access to Calendar in a sortable, searchable table, just like all of our other products!

Have fun!
🗓Team Calendar