Hello friends, and happy fall! 🍂

Pumpkin spice and product updates—the perfect pairing! No? Perhaps it is possible we pretentiously pushed the pairing to produce a pleasant alliteration...presently...post-haste. Pickles?

Anyway, check out this video to see all the new ways to use Planning Center in your ministry!

Want to dive a little deeper into one of the new features? Check out the blog updates for more information! 👇

Illustration of simple dashboard

Create Custom Dashboards to View and Share Metrics

Track attendance, giving, workflow activity, and new profiles all in one place! The new dashboard makes it easier to monitor engagement and make sure no one falls through the cracks.

Create and share custom dashboards.

Illustration of signup dashboard

Schedule When Event Signups are Open

You can schedule the date and time signups are open, when they close, and when they become available for congregants to see on the Church Center app and website.

Schedule your event signups!

Illustration of laptop and person with an settings cog

New Permissions in Groups: Group Type Managers

Give people access to the info they need within specific group types, and block everything else. This way, everyone’s privacy is protected, and your account remains organized.

Set up permissions for group types!

Illustration of order of service ui

Quick Add Items to Your Service Order

Quick add is perfect for when you already know what items, songs, and media you want  and just need to get them into the order ASAP.

Quick add items right now!

Illustration of phone and person with an add button

Add New Group Members from Church Center

Ever had a visitor decide they want to officially join the group? Add them from your phone! Connect people to your group with a QR code or link, even while you’re taking attendance!

Add members from your phone!

Illustration of service plan with the rehearsal tab highlighted

The New Plan Rehearse Tab

Musicians have easy access to all the files they need from the new tab! This view shows all the details, notes, and files grouped by Lyrics, Documents, Media, and Other.

Check out the new tab!