All eight of our products have brand new features, and we made a video to tell you about them...and to make some bad puns. What else is new?

Want to dive into the details a little more? Check out the blog post announcements from each of the new features from the last few months! 👇

People notifications

Send Church Center Push Notifications

Canceling due to weather? Need to remind everyone about the quarterly business meeting? Send out a push notification right from a list in People!

Learn how to send notifications from People.


Track Donations for Multiple Campuses in Giving

Once you’ve assigned donors a campus, their future donations are automatically categorized for you!

Check out the new campus-related options.


Set Up Check-in Stations Easier and Faster

You can turn a volunteer’s phone into a new station—settings and everything!—with the scan of a barcode.

Watch a video of how quick stations work.


Control Your Group Notifications

No more checking email for updates, or notifications everytime someone sends a gif! You can now set your preferences for messages, emails, and resources!

See all the new options and preferences.


Import Events into Calendar from an iCal Feed

Need to get events from an outside calendar into Planning Center? Import everything into Calendar and get organized!

Find the new import button on your calendar.

Servicese and Publishing

Link Services Plans with Sermons in Publishing

Already laid out your series info in Services? Connect your plan to Publishing and bring over all the details automatically!

Learn how to link service details.


Signups for Specific Date and Time Blocks

If you have recurring events with multiple date or time options, then Split Registrations is the feature for you!

Study the fine art of splitting registrations.