Now more than ever, it is incredibly important to track exactly how many people are present at in-person gatherings. Keeping attendance within a set capacity allows you to account for social distancing to promote health and safety.

With the latest update to the Headcounts app, we released three new features to make it easier for you to stay on top of how many people are present.

Live Headcounts

The counter page in the Headcounts app now reflects the total number of headcounts across all devices, rather than the total of that device only.

This total is immediately available to everyone, so your team can be aware of exactly how many people are there at all times.  

Capacity Limits

You can now set a capacity limit on the events where you are counting attendance in Headcounts. Once you’re close to the limit, Headcounts will give you a heads up by turning yellow and vibrating. When you reach your limit, it’ll vibrate again and turn red.

Headcounts Under Headcounts Over Headcounts Over Max

You can still count over your capacity limit, though; Headcounts won’t stop you from counting the actual number, so you’ll have to be mindful!

But that’s a little easier to do with…

Haptic Feedback  

Your device will now vibrate when you reach 90% of your capacity and again when you reach your limit. You can also turn on vibrations for every button tap.

Want to track people, but not make it so obvious you’re on your phone? Turn on haptic feedback, and use the app from your pocket! On iPhones, you can even use the volume up/down buttons to get that nice clicky button feel.

See the new features in action in our new product overview!

You can start using this right now, for free with any Check-Ins subscription, even the free one! Get started today, by downloading and setting up your Headcounts.

Happy counting!
🔢  Team Check-Ins