Every successful event takes teamwork—from the smallest prayer group on Wednesday mornings to the largest Sunday services.

Facilities teams have Resources to help them communicate and coordinate these details, but they’re not the only ones who need to know the event schedule. People from ministries across your church need to have easy access to what is happening when, where, with what stuff, and know who is responsible for it all.

In the last year, we’ve expanded the scope of Resources to meet these broader scheduling and communication needs by shifting the product to a calendar-centric model.

This change started with the release of the master calendar and tags system last year and continued recently with the new Event page—moving us closer to a place where Resources is not just software to coordinate facilities, but also your church-wide, central event calendar.

With these existing and future changes in mind, it’s time for the product name to better reflect its ultimate destination, which is why we are renaming Planning Center Resources to Planning Center Calendar.

We know Resources is a familiar fixture in the Planning Center universe, so we want to share the why behind this decision so you can get excited about the possibilities and opportunities this change opens up for your ministry!


Why we are changing Resources to Calendar

We originally released Resources as a one-off solution to help customers manage rooms and resources for their church. Soon after, we released Registrations to meet the attendee-focused side of event management with event signups.

But the more time we spent with customers, the more we saw the need to support the comprehensive scheduling side of event management.

As we looked at our suite of products, we felt that Resources was the natural fit for us to start building features to meet this need. Instead of starting from scratch, we decided to expand on something our customers already loved—to make it better and serve a greater purpose and need in the church.

What Calendar means for you

The name Calendar signals the continued expansion of the software to become your central event calendar. We’ve already set the stage for this growth with the addition of the calendar view, Tags, and the brand new Events page, but we have even more planned.

And as we continue releasing these calendar-centric features at a steady pace, we will also be continuing to improve the facility management side of Calendar. Between our updates to both the event calendar and facility management, we will continue to bring Calendar even closer to the product we want it to be for you and your church!

How to learn more about Calendar

We are super excited about the path ahead for Calendar. We also want to support you as you learn about the opportunity it holds for you and your ministry—so ask us questions! Our support team is ready with answers and listening ears to receive thoughts and ideas.

We also have a new Planning Center University video course for Calendar on February 13th! This live training is perfect for veterans looking for a refresh and a chance to get used to hearing “Calendar” instead of “Resources.” It’s also a solid overview for anyone new to everything about the product (not just the name). Sign up to watch the tutorial live or learn on your time and watch the recording later.

Again, we’re looking forward to what is ahead—we can’t wait to go there with you! And with that, welcome to Calendar.