It seems like most of the country is enduring a major heatwave, which means many of us are running the air conditioning 24/7.  Thank goodness for central air, but in a large building—like a church, for example—it can get expensive!

To help you keep your congregation cool, without blowing your entire budget on the energy bill, Events2HVAC developed an integration with Planning Center Resources so you can create custom HVAC schedules based on your event calendar!

A New Way to Save Energy

Events2HVAC has created a way for you to automate your HVAC system to align with the event schedule on your Resources calendar. You can choose from a myriad of settings, like the option to ignore certain events entirely or set ramp-up timers to ensure the air conditioning cuts just before an event so the temperature is perfect when people arrive.

No more sweaty summer meetings or freezing winter Bible studies, and no more running the AC or heater around the clock! Events2HVAC has some setup and monthly costs, but you’ll also save more in the long run by only using your equipment as needed, which can lower your energy bill, equipment maintenance, and time spent. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly!

How to Get Started

Before you start saving all of this money, you will need to reach out to Events2HVAC for a quote and setup instructions so they can create a unique and specialized solution for your church. From there, all of the magic will happen in your Events2HVAC account.

Once the two systems are connected, your events are synced, so changes you make in Resources will automatically update in Events2HVAC.  And if you don’t have anyone on staff who can help you sort out these technical details, Events2HVAC would be glad to walk you through this step.

We are really excited Events2HVAC built this integration with Resources—it’s the first official Resources integration built on our API—and we’re looking forward to seeing how it supports churches.

Stay cool!
Team Resources