It stands to reason that if you use an app to organize your worship service, you just might need to open it while you’re in that service. What you might not want is the full-force light of Heaven beaming out of your phone, illuminating both your horrified face and the ceiling above.

If you’re attempting to navigate some kings from the East, your wisdom will be rewarded, otherwise, you’ll be relieved to remain undetected using the Services mobile app’s newest feature–dark mode.

Going Dark

Version 4 of Services for Android and iOS have the ability to switch between light and dark modes. For Android it’s a setting within the Services app, and for iOS, it comes with  the release of iOS 13, and is triggered by putting your entire device in Dark Mode. For instructions for each platform, view our Dark Mode help articles.

Just Show Me

Enough with all the reading, just show me what it looks like! Okay, here you go!

A list of volunteers for a weekend service on mobile dark mode.
A list of pending volunteer requests listed by date and service type in dark mode.
An order of service with the song order in dark mode.