Checking in isn’t always a simple matter of sign in, label print, and drop off. Sometimes a child stays through multiple services times and goes to different locations throughout the same morning; and sometimes, you might offer Nursery as an option during one service, but not during another. Then what?

These are some of the common scenarios your church may encounter that make checking in complex, which is why we released an update to help you handle both smoothly.

Choose two locations during check in

If your church has multiple service times, your volunteers know the complexity of coordinating check-ins for children who attend different classes for each time. It would really simplify everyone’s lives if parents could check their children into both of those times within the same check-In.

Now they can!

With this update, you’ll see that you can now choose a different location for each time you have.

This new option is one of the most requested features for Check-Ins receives, and we understand why—all of the workarounds we’ve seen are inconvenient, for parents and volunteers. The new structure is a way for you to give parents a one-and-done check-in, allowing them to get their children settled and then fully focus where they are attending or volunteering. And yes, this will work with Church Center within the next few weeks—we'll let you know!

Hide locations at certain times

This update will also allow you to hide a certain location for a certain time. For example, if you don’t have your Toddler and Nursery locations available during the second service, you can exclude it from that time.

Ready to start simplifying your check in? Check out this article on enabling it! And if you have questions or comments along the way, click the “?” in the top right hand corner to contact us—we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Team Check-Ins