Metronomes are an easy tool you can give your musicians to help them play in sync, which is why we built one into the fabric of Music Stand. But even if everyone on your team is using a metronome to keep themselves in time, what happens if each person’s time starts at a different time? Confusing? Yes.

This is why we built in a new technology called Ableton Link, to give you the ability to sync your metronome with other team members’ devices from within Music Stand.

After you enable syncing, you and your team can further customize the experience with a few additional settings.

  • Start/Stop: Enable this setting so your metronome starts and stops with everyone else. Leave the setting off if you’d prefer to keep control over your own starts and stops but sync your tempo.
  • Leader: If you’re in charge of running the metronome, enable this setting so any of your changes in tempo and starts/stops are transmitted to everyone else.
  • Auto Pause: When you swipe pages between songs, the tempo to the BPM of the new song will update automatically. If you’d prefer the metronome to pause when changing songs, giving you more control of when the next song starts, enable this setting.

You might notice syncing your metronome does not automatically sync your page turns. The good news is page-syncing already exists in Music Stand! Enable the Sessions feature and your team will be as synced as you can possibly be.

Take a quick glance at this update note before you enable the feature. We built the connection between Music Stand and Ableton Link, not the syncing technology itself, so there are a few nuances about how it works we want you to know about.

Have any questions as you get started? Let our support team know and they would be happy to help you along the way!