Get a quick walk through of all exciting feature updates by watching the video, and then dive a little deeper into best practices by checking out the announcement blog posts for each update!

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Services: Use the Redesigned Plans Tab

Easily navigate your plans and calendar on the new Plans tab.

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Resources: Keep the Calendar Organized

Make certain tag groups required for all new events.

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Giving: Connect Joint Donors

Issue joint donor statements to people who give together.

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Groups: Share Online Resources

Easily share links to resources with group members.

These updates are only the highlights among the many improvements made in the last few months, and we have a lot more coming throughout the whole summer!

So keep an eye on the blog to learn about new feature releases and how you can use them in your ministry by following along on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Questions? Let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Happy almost summer!
The Planning Center Team