As more people in your church find their way into Resources and start creating new events, many may not realize the immense organizational capabilities of tags. Or even worse, they forget to add tags altogether, which prevents their event from showing up when using filters on the Calendar.

Not using tags creates a problem for your facilities director or event administrator who then have to dig through untagged events to plan their work. Staying organized is a team effort and Resources is here to help you define for your church what information is pertinent to planning events.

Starting today, you will have more control over how your Resources account is organized by Tags. On the Tags page, you can now mark specific tag groups as being required whenever someone creates an event. This will prevent anyone from adding a new event to the calendar until they’ve selected a tag from the required group.

For example, if your church has multiple campuses, you should create a Campus tag group for each location. By making the Campus group required, you can ensure that all new events will have to select a Campus tag before moving forward, which means your campus-specific teams can use the filter to only see their campus’ events.

The more tag groups you require for events, the more clarity you can provide to people looking at the calendar at a glance. For example, you could ask event planners to clarify who is involved with an event by requiring Ministry or Department tag groups as well. Now you could see at a glance that this “Community Outreach” event is being hosted by the Youth Ministry and will need help from the Audio team to pull it off.

Once you have tags dialed into your organization's structure the filter becomes an incredibly powerful tool which allows you to see events from a high-level, or to zoom in for specifics. Now anyone checking out the calendar can easily find what is important to them.

Tags and filters together are the cornerstone of the event management side of Resources. This new feature is dedicated to helping your church reinforce that and stay better organized in the process. Not to mention, it sets you up for all of the great tag-related features we have planned!

Happy tagging!
Team Resources
Gabi, Kayla, Greg, Jesse, Nick, and Evan