Printing plays a significant role in the overall speed of your check-in time—if one of your printers backs up or shuts down, you have a problem! Check-Ins strives to offer a consistently smooth printing process so your check-in time can be fast!

We have found over the last few years, a few Check-Ins customers have experienced slow printing as a result of problems with external software outside our team’s control. When a browser, operating system, or printer’s software is updated, it can delay the printing queue and even break communication between Check-Ins and the printer.

While we have done our best to minimize these issues, we still have limited control, and there are times when we can no longer ensure the fast, stress-free, and reliable check-in experience we strive for. Not only that, but fixing broken external software detracts from time creating new features for our customers!

The only way we can maintain the integrity of Check-Ins is to build the software we currently rely on to communicate with printers within Check-Ins itself.  

Introducing Direct Printing

By building the printing process into the Check-Ins application, we can control the entire printing process— from the time you open a station to when a label is created and sent to the printer.

This decreases our reliance on external printer software, increases the reliability and speed of printing and opens the door to new printing-related features, like custom labels for all printers.

To make this happen, we are working on a new feature called direct printing, and we need your help to finish it!

Try It Out

If you want to try the new direct printing option, there is still time to join our beta and help us improve it before we officially release!

Even in beta, direct printing is already better than the current system, but we want you to give you fair warning that it still needs work. We recommend testing the new system on your own during the week or on a light check-in day, not on the weekend during your busiest time. And of course, if you run into any issues, you can turn the feature off and return to printing as usual.

Join the beta today, and let us know what you think! Your feedback is an important part of making this feature what it needs to be!

Happy printing,
Team Check-Ins