Learning to use the / key for Universal Search, will help you become even more productive than you already are, but moving fast isn’t the only reason to use it. Universal Search is the best way to navigate to almost any page in Services: use it to find Songs, Media, Teams, and Positions, in addition to People!

Universal Search

Instead of clicking through the many pages in Services, you can click the search icon, or just tap the / key and find exactly what or who you are looking for within seconds. You will also get a few extra shortcuts and some helpful info if you use Universal Search to find songs, teams, or positions.

When you are looking for a song, Universal Search will save you some clicks by automatically sending you to the most recent arrangement you viewed. If you use Universal Search to find a team or position, any teams under My Teams will be sorted to the top of the results and marked with Leader or Member.

Team Search

We hope these new updates to Universal Search are helpful for you and your team! If you want to learn other shortcuts and hotkeys to help you be more productive in Services, check out this article!