Maybe you have had the experience of arriving to church before check-in time to make sure everything is ready to go...only to discover that none of the Stations are set properly. Little hassles like this with your Stations can turn into big problems! You need a fast, easy, and secure way to change those Station settings on the fly.

Introducing Station Keys: a new way to edit station settings!


As of today all Check-In Stations have an icon at the bottom right of the screen, which allows you to type in a super secret code, created by you, to access all settings for the station.Little station-related hassles can pop up throughout your Sunday morning, and Station Keys will help you neutralize some of those before they grow!

  • If a visitor comes to a Self Station, switch the station to Manned and add them in.
  • Transition to a Roster Station when it’s time for check-out for the fastest way to check everyone out.
  • If one of your printers malfunctions, quickly switch to print to a different station and use a different printer.
  • If that pesky station refresh time just isn’t long enough, jump into the settings section and extend the time.

There are endless uses for this feature, and we are excited to continue moving to help bring confidence and ease of use to your Sunday mornings. Learn how to add your Station Keys by checking out our Station Keys article. Enjoy!

The Check-Ins team
Jonathan, Kevin, Laura, Nick, & Scott