Within the last week we released two highly requested features to Check-Ins: an option to ignore age and grade filters and the ability to create notes on each of your events.

Handling Special Cases

Every child is unique and has his or her own way of learning—not all children can fit inside the box of their age or grade. To help you ensure the children at your church are in the best classrooms for them we added an option to Ignore age and grade filters.

If you have a child who needs to go to a classroom outside of the usual filters, check the box next to Ignore age and grade filters in the child’s profile.

Ignore Age

Once you check this box Check-Ins will auto-suggest the location the child checked into last, whether or not they fit the filters of that location. You’ll have to choose the location manually the first time, at a manned station, but all of the following times will default to that same location. Any age or grade changes on their profile will not affect auto-suggestions, so you’ll need to manually change the location again to make adjustments.

While this feature can be used for any person, the common scenario for churches requesting this feature is children with special needs.

Event Session Notes

To help you keep track of the circumstances impacting your attendance, you can make a little note like “Snow Day,” “Labor Day Weekend,” or “Easter Sunday” and provide future you with some context for why your check-in numbers were abnormal.

To make a note on an event, just click Add note.

Add Note

Once the note is saved it will remain there at the top of that session for you to reference later.

Other Recent Updates:

  • Reprint Name Labels: Easily reprint new name labels (exact copy of the label you already created).
  • Sortable Options: Sort your list of location options in whatever order you’d like
  • Headcounts Reports: We’ve enabled Headcounts to generate reports from events back to 53 weeks!
  • Barcodes/Mobile Pass in Lists: Use Lists feature in Planning Center People to figure out who does and does not use our Barcode/Mobile Pass feature.

How will these features will help you in your ministry? What can we do to make them more useful to you? We welcome your feedback!

The Check-Ins Team,
Jonathan, Kevin, Nick, and Scott