We’re excited to announce a new way to use Check-Ins on your laptop or desktop: an installable app made for each platform!


Whether you use a Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device, you can now download and install Check-Ins, built specifically for that device.

No. More. Browsers.

One of the greatest pain points over the last few years has been when a browser, such as Google Chrome, has updated itself over the weekend. This sometimes has broken the needed ties between your printer and your browser, which breaks any printing abilities, and effectively breaks Check-Ins.

With this new installable app, we control the updates to ensure a breaking change will not happen to you or any church on any given Sunday.

Side note: Everytime you read this, you should hear a collective “hooray” from our support team and the many churches who have already ran into this problem.

Desktop Icon and Kiosk Mode

There are two notable benefits to using to the application.

First, you no longer need to open up a browser and navigate to a specific webpage. It should be a lot easier for you and your volunteers since it’s just an app icon living on your desktop or dock.

Second, we added a kiosk mode which will fullscreen nicely on your device so you do not have to see the browser window or toolbar at the top. On a Mac, which supports full kiosk mode, you can lock the screen so that you can not change to different apps or navigate to the desktop. The only way to get out of kiosk mode on a Mac would be to use the secret shortcut key.

More to Come

In the future, we will be adding more native features and experiences to our installable application to make checking in faster and easier. We have a lot of ideas to continue making Check-Ins the best it can be.


The Check-Ins Team,
Jonathan, Kevin, Nick, and Scott