There are times when you'd like to request a room or resource even though it is already booked for an event. Let’s say your men’s breakfast always has the Fellowship Hall every Friday morning, but the pastor’s daughter would like to use that room for her wedding on an upcoming Friday. Now we have a conflict.

We all know who is going to win the conflict in this scenario, and Resources is here to help manage that!

The Room or Resource, in this case the Fellowship Hall, will still indicate that the room is unavailable, but now you can request it anyway! You’ll be prompted with a conflict warning before confirming your request.

Room Request Conflict

With this new feature, we included a permission called Conflict Resolver—people with this permission have a new section on their notification page which will allow them to choose which event should have the priority.

Resolving Conflicts

That’s it! Resources just got a bit more flexible to help serve the busy and always-changing calendars of the church. Learn more with our Resolving Conflicts article. Enjoy!

The Resources Team