Sometimes there are situations where you’d like your neighbor, or grandmother, or a close friend to pick up your children from church. However, as a church, you need to clearly record who can check children in, and be notified of who should not check them out. That’s why we’ve created the concept of Trusted People and people who are Not Authorized for Pickup. Let me show you what that looks like.

More Household Flexibility

Trusted People are the type of close friends and family to your household that you’d trust to check in, or check out your children.

People who are Not Authorized for Pickup are people you don't want taking your children, such as with custody situations.

Whether you’re on the Station side of Check-Ins, or the Administrative side you’ll see a way to add either of these types of people to your household.


Checking Out

Here’s really where this feature shines. When checking out on a Manned Station, you’ll see that the Trusted People now show up as options on the right side to become the Checked Out By Person. In the example below, you’ll notice that Phyllis is showing as a Check Out By person.

We’ll remember your choice and always show the two most popular options at the top. The first one will always be the Checked in By person since in most cases that’s the same person who is picking up the children.


You’ll also notice an alert at the top of the Check Out page. If there’s a Not Authorized for Pickup person, this will always show when checking out any member of the household. We don’t always want the face and name of this person to show on this page, but if you’re unsure of who it is, click “Find out who.” A person can not be both a Trusted Person and a Not Authorized person at the same time.

Learn More and Stay Informed

If you’d like to learn more about all the details of this feature, check out our Trusted People Article. And as always, if you’d like to keep up with all the news and features we’re updating to Check-Ins, keep in touch with our Twitter, Facebook, or our News & Updates Page.


The Check-Ins Team,
Gabi, Jonathan, Kevin, Nick, and Scott