We love your feedback. We need it. We crave it. It's our compass.

After 18 months and 6,373 help-desk tickets (as of this moment) it's easy to see which parts of Planning Center Giving are working well and which areas need improvement. Our project queue is still a mile long but as we round out 2016, we wanted to improve an existing feature: batches. Batches are how cash and check donations are added to the system. It's a core concept in Giving. In practice, working with batches felt a bit tedious and prescriptive.

The goal with this project was to make batches faster, more intuitive, and more flexible.


We hope you find this work helpful! In 2017, we have a lot of new features coming your way and we're excited to build them atop a more flexible, simpler batch system. Let us know what you think!

~ Jeremy and all of Team Giving