The Resources team is excited to show off some things we’ve been working on for quite a while. Introducing, with quite a few brand new features, the new Rooms and Resources pages.

The Look

Resources Redesign

Since the Resources team was so jealous of how awesome Services is starting to look, we’ve borrowed a few concepts and design ideas from it. Editing details is now a joy to use with the new in-line editing. Need to edit the Resource name? Just click and start typing; it’ll save automatically for you.

The Features

On top of in-line editing, we’ve added quite a few brand new features that we hope will be incredibly useful for you and your teams. Here are just a few of the new feature highlights:

Upload a Picture

Resources Redesign Upload What did that microphone look like? Did this projector always have a dent in it? Did the bottom of these chairs have crooked legs before? Now, with the ability to upload a picture, you’ll be able to answer all of those questions.

Home Location / Last Used

Resources Redesign Home Location

  1. “I found this chair in the middle of the hallway, where should it really belong?” With the new “Home Location” you can now set exactly where resources are supposed to go. We’ve made this field open ended so that you can be as specific or creative as you choose, such as, 'second shelf in the sound closet' or 'in the basement, almost to Middle-earth.'
  2. “So uh… this chair smells like pizza and sweat. Did the Jr. Highers use it last?” With the new “Last Used” feature, you can find out exactly which room this resource was in last.


Resources Description By popular request, we’ve added a “Description” field. We’re hoping this could include all those gritty details that don’t fit anywhere else.


Resources Details

  1. Some Resources might have expiration dates, like a projector bulb or a coffee pot. In the future, we will add the ability to send notifications when this date approaches.
  2. If you’re looking to audit all of your resources, it’s best to keep track of the serial numbers for each resource. Here’s where you add it!

The Future

Although there aren’t any new features on the Rooms page, we have also updated it to look like the Resources page.


We have some more grand plans for both of these pages, along with the rest of Resources. Next up on the docket for us is to allow notifications for expiration dates. We’re excited to see Resources change and mold to fit the rest of our apps, and also continue to provide more tools based on your feedback and how you’re using it.

The Resources Team,
Greg, Jesse, Robert, and Scott