We've added new donor list functionality within Planning Center Giving! Now you can quickly get to your list of donors, download it as a CSV, or email the entire list right from Giving. Let's take a look at the new "View Existing Donors" section:

New Layout

  1. Date range & filters - Narrow the list down to only those donors who gave during a certain date range. Additionally, you can add a filter to include only donors who gave to a specific fund or gave a donation with a specific label.
  2. "Only new donors" option - This chops the list down to only new donors whose first gift was within the date range.
  3. Donor list - Here's the sortable list of results. The summary information you see here excludes refunded/failed/pending donations.
  4. List actions - There are two actions you can take: "Download CSV" or "Email Donors."

Emailing the donor list

One of the most popular questions we get from new customers is, "How do I contact new donors?" Even though you've always been able to do this from within Planning Center People (more on that below), we wanted this functionality to be easier and more intuitive from within Giving.

Here's the simple email form we've added:

Example Email

As you compose your email, the content will be saved locally. So, if you accidentally click "Cancel" or get punchy with the ESC key... fear not! You didn't lose your work.

Need more powerful lists, filters, and actions?

This new section works great when you need to view the donor list, apply a filter, or send a simple email to your donors. When you need multiple filters, rich-text emails, or complex CSV reports, you'll still want to use lists in Planning Center People. There are also more sophisticated actions you can take whenever new donors are added to a custom People list, such as sending an email based on a template, or adding the new donor to a People workflow. If you've never explored People lists, you're missing out on one of the most powerful parts of Planning Center!

Recently, we added two new "rules" for building People lists based on donation history in Giving. Both rules can be assigned an optional monetary amount (greater than $_ or less than $_) or a date range.

People List Rules

Remember, Giving rules in People lists are only visible IF you're a Planning Center Giving administrator. (read more)

We hope this new functionality helps you be more effective at caring for your donors!

~ All of team Giving.