Check-Ins has been updated with quite a few useful features. We have some of the most highly requested custom label options available to all printers. We’ve updated Roster stations with some new sorting options and live-updates. And we’ve added suggested locations to manned stations.

Custom Labels for all printers!

Custom Labels

You can now add a new custom label that will work on all printer types. We’ve collected the most popular requests for custom label printing, and added them to Check-Ins. You’ll need to make sure your Android and/or iOS apps are updated to version 1.2. For more information on the options, check out our Custom Labels article.

Live updating and sorting for Roster Stations

All of our Roster Stations are now connected! That means if you have two roster stations that you’re using for the same event, the changes made on one device will be immediately shown on the other device. You’ll also see new ways to sort each page.


We hope live updating will help in many ways, but one of the biggest ways we envision is for each teacher to have their own view of their classroom. The idea is for each teacher to have a Roster Station in check-out mode, sorted by “Most Recent.” This will allow them to have a live, interactive view of every kid who’s arrived, and easily check them out from one page as they leave.

Suggested Locations for Manned Stations

For manned stations, we’ve added a “suggested locations” view. We firmly believe that the best check-ins program is a fast one. And the fastest way to check people in is with location filters. Now, Manned Stations help support that construct by initially only showing the locations that person fits into. Since it’s a manned station, you can still override any suggested locations by clicking the show all locations button.

Suggested Locations

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The Check-Ins Team,
Gabi, Jake, Jonathan, and Scott