Here's how it went down:

Jeff (our CEO): Hey, I was thinking about Text-to-Give yesterday.
Me (Giving product manager): Yeah? What's up?
Jeff: What if we made it free?
Me: Well, it takes money to run that service. Like, the short code and the SMS messages themselves. And we'll have those costs when we release in Canada too.
Jeff: Yeah.
Me: You're saying, we'll just eat that? Let me crunch some num–
Jeff: I've never liked that it was an add-on. Have you?
Me: No. We could roll it into the cost some other way. What if–
Jeff: I'm sure it'll all work out in the long run. Let's just make it free.
Me: Okay cool. Wow, so is that it?
Jeff: Yeah! I'll remove it from the billing system.
Me: Rad. I'll start working on a blog post.

And that was that.

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