We’re excited to have released a brand new way to view a profile on the admin side of Check-Ins. We’re one step closer to all of our apps having the same look and feel for a person's profile.

The biggest reason for this change is to give you better tools to help troubleshoot or look up the most pertinent information about each person. The activity tab is where all this comes together. It’s best to think of this page as separated by the past (on the left) and the future (on the right).

Left side - the past

Directly beneath the 12-month activity chart you’ll find all of the past check-in activity. This should help give you the needed information for any past check-in, such as the actual time they checked in or out, the location, and who the “checked in by” person was. This should help those common questions you have on a Sunday morning like, “Where is Scott?”, “Who checked Scott in?”, and “Was Scott late again?”

Right Side - Future

Since the power of Check-Ins revolves around either the filters on each location or on the personal details of each person, we’ve put those important details up front and center (and by front and center I mean… on the right side… at the top).

Each one of those directly affects what you see underneath, in the “Available Locations” section. This is the section I’m most excited about.

“Why did Scott go into the Nursery, when he should have gone into the Choir?” Well, now you can find out! Based on the location filters, or on the person details above, these will automatically update to show you every location you can check in to. Any location that’s not on the list didn't make it through the filtering process.

But wait, there’s more!

We have some plans to continue updating this page, but we’d love to hear what you find helpful, or what you might like to see added. For a more thorough walkthrough of all the new stuff here, and the other tabs, don’t miss the People Page Walkthrough article.

Happy Checking In!
The Check-Ins team
Scott, Robert, Jake, Gabi, Greg, and Jesse