We’re excited to announce a new type of station, a Roster Station. A Roster Station assembles a list of anyone who has checked in to this location within the last three sessions. The initial idea is to replace the clipboard you might have used when taking roll. But with Check-Ins, it can do a lot more.

If labels are attached, they will print immediately. If there’s an issue that needs to be resolved, you’ll see an error message so you can fix the problem before finishing the check-in. You can even search through your database for anyone who may not be on the list.

Avengers Compound

Get started right now by checking out our Roster Station article.

We also have some exciting plans with this Roster Station that we’re working on right now. Wouldn’t it be cool if this list could be populated with anyone who has registered with PCO Registrations? :) We have some plans and ideas to make this station type even better, but we’re more excited to hear how you can see using it! Our apps are always better because of your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to send them our way!

Rosters, Assemble!

The Check-Ins Team,
Scott, Robert, Jake, Greg, Gabi, and Jesse