The Check-Ins team is proud to announce a new member to our family: a Zebra! No, it’s not a new cross-species developer that requires a lot of hay; it’s support for a new printer… which instead requires a lot of labels.

Zebra printers are arguably one of the leading printers for their durability and their quick printing speeds. Although they may be pricier than our other supported printers, if you’re needing to print out mass quantities quickly, you’ll want this printer. At 5 - 6 inches of labels per second, these printers are faster than an actual Zebra!* They will work with both Mac and Windows devices, and with the print to another station feature, you can ultimately use any tablet or mobile phone to print through another station and still use the power of the Zebra printer.

Printing with a Zebra currently works with the GX420d and GK420d models. From our understanding though, it should work with other Zebra models as they share the same language. If you have a different model printer and you find Check-Ins works with it, please let us know, so we can keep our documentation updated.

To get started using Zebra printers, check out our Installing a Zebra Printer guide. Have fun checking in!

The Check-Ins Team,
Scott, Robert, Jake, Greg, Gabi, and Jesse

*Actual Zebra running speed not calculated. Also, how fast does a Zebra have to run before it turns grey?