We're super excited to announce this new feature for Planning Center Giving!

Your donors can now set up ACH bank transfer donations by logging into their bank instead of using bank account and routing numbers. It works with 13 of the largest banks in the US. That means, statistically, the majority of your donors will be able to use this.

Why is it the best thing ever?

  1. It's faster than the current method of verifying bank account ownership: waiting for "micro-deposits".
  2. It's easier for your donors and less error-prone.
  3. It doesn't interrupt the giving process.

Which banks does it work with?

So far? These ones:


What if a donor's bank isn't listed?

Fear not! PCO Giving will fall back to micro-deposit verification. As cool as this new feature is, remember that thousands of people have verified their bank accounts using the micro-deposit method. And they've successfully given over $1M to their churches. It will continue to work just fine.

Wait... if this makes it easier for people to give by ACH instead if credit or debit cards... and ACH donations have much lower processing fees... aren't we going to save a bunch of money?

yepBank transfer donations still cost just $0.25 – much cheaper than 2.3% + $0.30 for a credit/debit card donation. Since Planning Center doesn't markup your processing fees in any way, our interests are aligned with yours when it comes to minimizing your fees. Easier ACH setup will help you do just that!

Team Giving
Mo, Dan, Daniel, Kevin, Dustin, and Jeremy.