Last weekend was Easter, and it was a tremendous success! With over 280,000 check-ins during the week, it was a joy to see and hear about churches that had a safe and secure week, especially on one of the busiest weeks of the year.

We have a rule at Planning Center that we won't add any new features a few weeks ahead of Easter, just to make sure that our churches' Holy Week events go super smoothly. What that means is that YOUR Easter basket is now filled with a lot of new features that have been waiting in the queue!

Better Warning Messages for Manned Stations

We've made a few big changes to how we show error messages on Manned Stations. Now you'll be notified if there are any potential conflicts based on filters, and we're showing a much more detailed error message to help you fix them.

People Search Improvements

We've made an update to the search results when you’re Adding New People or Adding Bulk Check-Ins. You’ll now see more details including that person's picture, phone number, and email address! Now you can make sure you always select the right Michael Bolton.

Copy Locations on a New Event

If you have a special event, such as Christmas, that you'd like to track separately from typical Sundays, you may want to use this Copy Locations From Another Event feature! This will allow you to create a new event but keep all of your locations, filters, options, and label settings from another finely-tuned event.

PCO People’s “Inactive” Status Integration

If you've set someone as Inactive in PCO People, you can now see that status mirrored in Check-Ins. Whenever you do a search for someone, you’ll see this inactive tag next to his or her name.

If you check in an inactive person, it’ll automatically change the status to active.

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Have fun checking in!

The Check-Ins Team,
Scott, Robert, Jake, Gabi, Greg, and Jesse