Headcount Report

After the release of Headcounts, we took some time to figure out exactly what type of reports were needed. Check out our newest report option!


This update includes quite a few background changes that lay the groundwork for the future of reports. Now that you can choose a “type” of report, we hope to expand on that idea a bit more. Stay tuned for some new types of reports!

Check-Ins now supports all browsers!

If you were with us back in September 2015, you might remember we had to drop support for Google Chrome. Chrome stopped supporting in-browser plugins, which is what Dymo relied on for printing.

We’re excited to support Dymo’s newest solution, an installable widget! Install the latest version of the Dymo software and you’ll be prompted to install this new widget. This works with all browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc. As long as this widget is installed, you can print from Check-Ins!

Happy checking in,

The Check-Ins Team
Scott, Robert, Jake, Gabi (new hire!), and Jesse.