We've released another highly requested feature (keep those requests coming!). Now you can set up an option to print a specific label. A common use case for this feature is to have an option for people to choose "diaper bag", and this would print an extra label for you to physically put on that diaper bag.

How to set it up

When editing a location on the admin side, click on the edit button underneath the options. You'll see here that you can select "print" to have that specific option print whichever label you choose.*

When this option is chosen, the extra label will print despite whether that person is a regular, guest, or volunteer.

What it looks like in Station mode

Station mode will have two changes for this feature. The first one is on the Check-in details page, it now shows "+1 label" next to the option choices. As expected if you have more than one label set to print, it'll show that number instead.

Also, when you're looking at the overview page, you'll now see an icon to the right of any person who has selected that option. Since the options are automatically selected the second time a person comes through to check-in, we've added this helpful visual reminder that an extra label will be printed for that person.

*Please remember if you're using a Brother or Citizen printer, you can not choose any custom labels. You can however print the default name or security labels and it'll print those, just the same way that label printing works with the location.

Enjoy Checking In!

The Check-Ins Team
Scott, Robert, Jake, and Jesse