Age filter on or before a certain date

If you’re the type of church who wants to keep a certain age group of kids together, despite when their actual birthday is, then you might want to use the new on or before age filter option. For a great example, check out this video!

More filters for the Check-ins tab

By popular request, we’ve also added a few new filter options on the Check-ins tab. Including the ability to sort by first name, search only Regulars, Guests, Volunteers, or a combination of all three! You now also have the ability to filter people who haven’t checked out yet. Oh yeah!

Order locations

We can all agree the alphabet is pretty awesome. But, sometimes you want to put things in a different order than alphabetical. Well, now you can! Simply grab that hamburger icon on the left of the location, and drag it anywhere you’d like! 10 points if you already knew what a hamburger icon was!

Archive events

If you’ve used Check-ins for any one-time event such as VBS or a youth event, you can now keep your data without having to see it in the graph by archiving the event.

Stay in the know

We’ve had a lot more updates with Check-ins over the past few weeks, with more coming! If you’d like to stay on top of these updates, make sure you follow our News and Updates page. Here’s a few other highlights:


The Check-Ins Team,
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