July 1st marked the one-year anniversary of releasing Check-Ins to the public. It’s been an amazing year that’s checked in people over 3 million times! We’re honored and excited for the love and support we’ve received over the year, and even more excited about the upcoming improvements and features coming in the next year.

As we’re looking to add and improve features, we saw a great need to redesign the Events page. So, as you may have seen, we’ve done just that!

There are two main reasons why we've made some of these changes. First, we're hoping to add a lot more flexibility to the app and we really needed a lot more space to do this in a clear way. For example, instead of a large dialog box to edit locations, we now have a full page where we can continue to add new features.

The second reason is to get you information as fast as possible. For example, on the Labels and Locations tab, you can easily see how many labels are set to print for each location at a quick glance. Also, on the Check-Ins page, you have a button to reprint a label, without having to actually open up that check-in dialog box.

There's a lot more of those concepts throughout this redesign. If you'd like to see more details, check out the Events Overview article on navigating the new design

New Features!

Simple Navigation

With the new beta comes a few new features with more on the way! There was a lot of power in the old version of this page, but figuring out how to use those features wasn't as obvious. By breaking it up into tabs on the left, it's much clearer to know where to go for the information you need. One of the most noticeable improvements we've made is the new navigation bar at the top. Now it's much more clear how to get to previous weeks, and know which date you're on.

Show and Hide Times

Another new feature is the ability to set what time to "show" and "hide" each time on your Stations. If you want people to be able to check in to the 9am service starting at 7, set it to show at 7:00am.

Improved Filtering

Yet another new feature is an easier way to filter your check-ins. On the Check-ins tab, you'll now see some filter options at the top. When I’m serving as a teacher, I like to use this feature to see a live-updated list of every child being checked into my specific location. We're planning on adding a few more types of filters (such as checked-in and checked-out filters) to this section in the future.

Stay on top of all the new features!

Want to stay on top of all the changes and new features that are coming, like the recently released age preview feature? Check out the News & Updates section of our help articles. If you’re signed in, you can even click the “follow” button at the top right to be notified every time there’s a new post.

Stay tuned for more to come in the next year from the Check-Ins team!

The Check-Ins Team
Scott, Robert, Jake, and Jesse