After months of research, development, design, and testing, we're very happy to release Planning Center Giving - a complete donation system for your church.

Complete Donation Management

When we talked to church administrators, they told us that one of the most frustrating parts of their process was that it was fractured. There's a system for counting cash and a separate one for online donors. We even saw some churches with a third system in place for text-message donations.

With PCO Giving our goal is to help you bring it all together into a single platform, making it simpler for your donors and your staff.

A Unified Dashboard

Physical check being processed for donation next to a desktop display of the Planning Center Giving main dashboard.

For your admins, there's a single dashboard that provides a high level of insight to equip your leadership for better decision making. Since Giving tracks online and offline donations, this might be the first time your church has seen their entire donation outlook in one place.

We've also made it easy to establish your funds, process batches of checks & cash, and track your deposits.

The Planning Center Giving funds tab with examples of funds and dollar amounts.

Consolidated Donor Profiles

Planning Center Giving donor profile with donation history.

It's easy to keep good records for your donors. When contact info or personal stats are updated, your other PCO apps will keep those changes in sync through the magic of PCO People.

A Simple Donor Interface

Planning Center Giving donation portal form for desktop and mobile with an example dollar amount.

We've launched PCO Giving with an easy-to-use donation form for your church. You can see an example here. Giving takes about 20 seconds with no app to download and no hoops to jump through.

Soon, your members will be able to view their giving history, managing recurring gifts, set up text message donations, and more!

More On The Way

Giving was a highly requested application. We wanted to get it into your hands quickly, but we know there's more to build. Keep an eye on the road map we've published in the FAQ section on the main PCO Giving site. We're just getting started.

One More Thing…

Whenever we release a new app, we get The Question. At this point, we get it daily: "Are all these apps building towards something like… a church management system?" The answer is yes. Our challenge now is to get all the pieces in place, get them integrated, and start building tools that will facilitate those churches that would like to move to our suite of applications as a full church management system.

We knew donation management was a big piece of that puzzle. For some, however, the last piece is small group management. We're happy to say that we're starting development of PCO Groups in a couple months and should have it launched within the first half of 2016.


We've answered a ton of common questions towards the bottom of the main PCO Giving site. If we missed something, feel free to ask it in the comments below!

Team Giving.
Jeremy, Mo, Shane, Dustin, and Dan.