Today we've got lots of new options all centered around Last Scheduled dates. It's often helpful to see the most recent time (even in the future) that a person is scheduled to serve. Many schedulers like to make sure they rotate people somewhat evenly, so seeing this date helps them schedule people who haven't served for the longest time.

PCO Services has shown you this last scheduled date for a while, and has even let you change the scope of that date to your entire church, a folder, or a specific service type. Until now, you could permanently change this setting for each service type, but with this update, you have many more options. Take a look!

New Features

  • Temporarily change the scope when choosing someone for a needed position
  • See the related service type, team and position when hovering over it
  • New scopes to allow seeing the last scheduled date for a specific team or position
  • Permanently set your scope differently for each team

Big Bonus Feature

If you use our Auto-Scheduling feature, you'll be excited that it got more powerful as a result of these new date options. Auto-scheduling looks at all of your needed positions, filters out people with conflicts, and then chooses the people whose last scheduled date is the oldest. Now that each team can calculate its last scheduled date on its own terms, auto-scheduling can use different logic for each team, too!

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