Last year we released a new scheduling feature called Split Teams. Split Teams is a scheduling tool for when you have more than one service time and your teams are different for each. For example, if your 9am Greeters are different than your 11am Greeters, Split Teams is a great way to set that up. Until now though, Split Teams were only compatible with Service Times. That's mostly been fine, because that's its primary use, but sometimes you have rehearsals or other times that are also different for each team.

Editing Times

Now when you edit a rehearsal time or an other time, you'll see a new dropdown box for each team in your service. This box allows you to link the time you are editing with specific times for your Split Teams. In this screenshot, I'm editing an other time, "1st Service Prayer" and I'm linking it to my First Impressions team for 9am. After setting this up, when I schedule someone for 9am First Impressions, they'll also be assigned to 1st Service Prayer, but if I schedule someone for 11am First Impressions, they won't. I can then create a separate "2nd Service Prayer" time and link it to my First Impressions 11am team.

Editing Scheduled People

This second image shows what happens when I switch Reagan from being scheduled from 9am to 11am. On the right you can see which times he's assigned to, and when I change the main Split Team option on the left, both the Service Times and the Rehearsal/Other times on the right are updated.

You can always manually assign your people to times using the checkboxes on the right, but by setting up your times correctly, the times are assigned automatically. Every time you email your people from a plan, their assigned times are included, so it's important to assign them correctly.