We’ve been working on some exciting new updates and features with Check-Ins this month. You may need to refresh your stations for these to take effect. Among several minor bug fixes and speed improvements, here’s a few of the highlights.

Check out by name

In the days of yore (last week), you could only check people out by using the security code printed on the labels. Now, you can check people out by name as well! If you pull up a name or household where someone has already checked in, you’ll see a “switch to check out” button at the top right, which will take you right where you want to be.

Who’s on first? (New filter logic)

Should Kaden go to the 1st Grade classroom or the 6 year old room? We’ve changed which location filters take priority. Now locations are found by searching in this order:

  • Where did they last check in? If no history, or those filters no longer fit, then...
  • What is the person’s grade? If no grade, then...
  • What is the person’s birth date?

This should help in situations where you’re not sure if a child should be in an age filtered location, or a grade filtered location like Pre-K. Now, if you want them to be in the grade filtered location, simply add the grade to their profile, and it’ll take priority.

Batch printing

We’re taking better care on how each print job is being handled. Now, every time a household is sent to the printer, we “batch” them together. This helps out in two great ways. First, printing should be faster. Instead of printing one label, waiting, and then printing the other one, they should all come out right after another.

Secondly, and more importantly, we now can see and control if these jobs were received by the printer. That means if your print station happened to go to sleep or temporarily lost network connection, the next time it comes up you’ll have the option to print the missed labels again.

Time out!

Last month we added a new feature to refresh stations automatically. Well, now you can control the times yourself! On each Station you can set it to time out at 30, 45, and 60 seconds. Or, simply turn it off!

Speaking of time...

View past weeks

It’s 2015 now, so we should expect some Back to the Future technology to be available, right? Jumpin’ Jiggawatts! You can now go even further back in time to access past events! We’ve added some “previous” and “next” buttons to the graph on each event page. Click on the event to view all the people, locations, attendance counts, and reports for that event. Whoa, this is heavy.

One label to rule them all

By popular vote, we’ve added the ability to have the same properties print twice on one label. The most useful thing this allows is printing one security label, and having the parents share it by tearing it in half.

For more information on how to do this with all the available properties, check out our Creating Custom Labels article.

We’re still working hard at improving our apps, and we’re super excited about some of the new features in the works. We’ll check in with you next time!

Scott, Robert, and Jake - The Check-Ins team.