We’re excited to show off our brand new reports engine! Now, it's even faster and easier to generate reports with all the information you need.

Starting today you can get information on birthdays, see which weeks people have missed, and view who checked each person in. Also, you can find the primary contact information for households such as email addresses, phone numbers, and their street address. If you find yourself printing the same things over and over again, you can now save reports for quicker access. There’s a lot of new stuff you can access, so check out our new Check-Ins Reports article for more details.

Oh, the things you can print!

You’ll be so excited that you just might snort
the next time you click on "print report"
For you’ll find out that we've added some features
that will help preachers, teachers, and other creatures.

Any information your team might need
is now at your fingertips, and we will concede
that you will be able to check options galore
email, phones, addresses, and more!

If you have a favorite report, save yourself time
just save it for later, ain’t that sublime?
With this new report engine, you’ll get what you need
with striking precision, and blazing fast speed.


People page sorting

We all need a little more order when it comes to our people. So now, you can order your people! On the people page, you’ll see a small caret next to each of the column names. Click one of those to sort that list by first name, last name, or attendance. Click it again to show the list in reverse order.

Import barcodes

Now, the fastest way to add multiple barcodes to your entire team is to put the barcodes in a CSV and import it through the People app. Even if your people are already in the account, importing will simply update their profile rather than create duplicates.

Refresh automatically

Your privacy is of the highest importance to us. So, we’ve become even more secure by automatically refreshing the the station after 30 seconds of inactivity. After 15 seconds, you’ll see a warning message count down for another 15 seconds. Simply tap, type, or scroll to restart the clock. Stay safe, and stay refreshed!

1 Million Check-Ins

The weekend of January 11th marked our One millionth Check-In! We have big plans to the future, and are excited to see the growth already. Stay tuned by following this blog, or by following us on Twitter or Facebook.