PCO Staff acting serious

If you know anything about PCO, it's probably how to set up split teams in Services, create a custom security label in Check-Ins, or reschedule an event in Resources.

If you need to know anything about PCO behind-the-scenes, it's that everything we do is guided by three things:

  • We love our people
  • We love our products
  • We love our churches

We love our people

We recently took an all-staff retreat to the desert of southern California for a weekend. We spent time reviewing the past year, planning the upcoming year, and most importantly: having fun. A huge emphasis on having fun. Fun is extremely valuable to everything we do.

We played games together. We shared meals together. We explored the desert on a scavenger hunt together. We scaled a mountain together.

On the surface, these activities have nothing to do with building and supporting products. But for our team, it serves as an important reminder that building great products is all about helping real people.

PCO Staff

Everything we do flows out of these relationships. Software doesn't write itself. Our developers write it together, for people. Support tickets don't resolve themselves. Our support team solves them together, for people. How we relate to one another internally impacts how well we can relate to the churches we want to serve.

We love our products

During our retreat, we looked back at all the things we got to be a part of this year:

We love our churches

We build great teams and great products to serve great churches. We do what we do to help you do what you do. Thanks to our churches for all the feedback and goodwill you give us.

We made some projections at our retreat, and there is a lot more we can give for you and your people in the upcoming year. If there's anything specific you'd like to see in 2015, register and leave us a comment.