More is better. Well, usually it is. You wouldn't want more wisdom teeth. Or insect infestations. Or chins. But in this particular blog post… more is better!

More options for ical feeds

  1. Select what types of events you want to include in ical feeds.
  2. Optionally include information about rooms and resources in the event notes.
  3. By using event schedules you can now hide certain event times from ical feeds, just like you could with kiosks and the embeddable calendar widget. This is very useful for customers who use ical on their public websites. If you still need an ical feed that shows all event times (say, for your setup and maintenance crews) then you can override this privacy setting for a "back of house" utility feed.
  4. Google Calendars has always had this terrible issue where it takes them days to check ical feeds for changes. Google says it now refreshes ical feeds within a few hours. We wish it was instant but we're glad this has improved!

Also, ical feeds now include the event description in the notes section. To get these new features, make sure you use the new ical feed URLs.

More reports

Detailed Report By Owner - A report which shows all events occurring within the report's date range, grouped by event owner. This report contains ALL information about an event, including approval status, custom questions, rooms setups, etc.

Room Or Resource Usage Report - This report can be run for a specific room or resource, or a folder of rooms or resources, to see usage information within the report's date range.

More documentation

If you're winding down the evening and need something to put you to sleep, you are in luck! The new Resources Custom Reports Documentation is a thrilling read. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but one thing is certain — you'll learn all about the reporting engine, how template logic works, report styling, and which variables are available.

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