Drop everything and rejoice, because the drag of having to use Flash for uploading files has been vanquished! We've just given our file uploader a big update that no longer requires you to have the Adobe Flash plugin to upload files, and adds some nifty improvements in the process.

Uploading from the Attachments Box

When you click 'add an attachment', the top Upload tab has a new design that makes it clear how to upload your files. You can click the button to choose a file from your computer, or instead select any number of files in another window on your computer and drag them into the box.

Dragging to the Page

Want to save time? Skip clicking 'add an attachment' and instead select a file from another window, drag it onto the Planning Center page, and drop it like it's hot! You can drag files onto any individual song page, arrangement page, media, person or plan page to attach it to that page. (You'll still have to use the add an attachment box to attach files to plan items and service types.)

Older Browsers

If you have the misfortune of using an older browser, usually Internet Explorer 9 or below, then upgrade! Just kidding, just kidding (kind of)! We know some users are on work computers that their company restricts, or might be using older computers where upgrading isn't an option. For you, the new uploader still works, you just don't get to drag and drop, and you don't get to see the progress bar of the uploader. Instead you see the Loading... box during the upload and just wait for it to finish. But if you can, you really should consider switching to Chrome or Firefox, two great free browsers that will improve the speed and features of almost every site you visit.

Larger Files

We've increased the maximum file size to 3GB so go ahead and upload all those stop-motion movies you made using your old flannelgraphs. But wait, your account only gets a certain amount of file storage, you say. Correct, but your Organization Administrator can enable extra file storage!

Uploads from Mobile? You betcha!

Since the new uploader is all HTML, it means your phone and tablet can technically take advantage of them! If you go to our full site on your device, you should be able to upload files now. (We plan to add support to our native apps later.) For now, iOS devices only allow uploading Photos (a limitation of iOS), but Android devices can access any file you have access to. Horray!

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