Facilities managers love their reports. Today we've released some improvements to the reporting system in Resources.

New Report Descriptions & Variables

The new "Report Description" field will help you distinguish between reports. When you create a new report, you can describe what it does using this new field. We've also added some new variables about the reports themselves including {{report.title}}, {{report.scope}}, {{report.start_date}}, and {{report.end_date}}. Hurray!

One List of Reports, Accessible Everywhere

Previously: There was a list of reports for each section in Resources. We had a "Detailed Event Report", a "Detailed Room Report", and a Detailed Resources Report". All of these were essentially the same report. If you created your own Event report, it wouldn't be accessible when in "rooms" or "resources." Frustrating! Now: Default reports and custom reports you create are accessible across all of Resources. Easy peasy.

Simple, Print-Friendly Styles

Previously: For each of these reports there was one "Normal" style report and a "Minimal Styling" report. This duplicated the number of default reports, bringing the total to a staggering 24 reports! In reality, there are only 4 truly unique reports. Now: There are 4 print-friendly reports. Huzzah!

Create a Report Based on a Default Report

Most of the time, when creating a report, you want to get things jump started with some sample code. Now, you can use any of the 4 bundled reports as a starting place. Yippee!

Preserved Custom Reports

Most customers use the default, bundled reports. Some of you have a good number of reports that you've meticulously crafted. Fear not. We made sure they remained intact with all these changes. Whew!

We have a lot more planned for reports. Better documentation of report variables and tags is coming soon. In the long run, we aim to make reports a little more intuitive to edit. We wanted to get these initial improvements to you as soon as possible though.

Your pals,
The PCO Resources Crew.
Dan, Jeremy, and introducing… Jake!