Bye Bye Beta

After a month and a half of refining the application and listening to our wonderful testers, we are happy to take Check-Ins out of beta! We'll officially start charging for PCO Check-Ins in July.

If you're not sure when your exact billing date is or you need to cancel your Check-Ins subscription, head to the account center. Also, as with all of our products, if you're in the middle of your first 30 day trial you won't see a charge until your next billing cycle. Okay, now onto the fun stuff…

New Features

Here are some of the features we've added since launching the beta:


Even though Planning Center Check-Ins is about checking people in, we immediately received requests for adding a check-out process. We now support checking out via a printed security tag (and we have more options planned for checking-out).


We have created two reports: A roster of who attended for a particular week and a way to look at multiple weeks and see who has missed. Both reports are available as a PDF or CSV. This is a first pass at the reporting feature and we're bringing over all the lessons we've learned from PCO Resources.

Editing People

We are happy to release a beautifully redesigned interface for editing people profiles. We love it so much we are going to start rolling the design out to our other products for a seamless experience.

Return to Administration

When logged into a check-in station, you'll now find it's easier to get back to the administration part of Check-Ins. For security, when switching into a station mode from the administration view, Check-Ins will ask you if you'd like to log out.

Remotely Administer Check-In Stations

Now, when changing the theme or the station type from the administration section, the check-in stations will automatically update on the fly.

Edit Past Check-Ins

Did someone check-into the wrong event or the wrong time for an event? Now administrators can edit those check-ins after the fact and keep those reports accurate.

Age & Grade Restrictions

You can now set up filtering controls for check-in locations. If Room 104 is being used for pre-K childcare for the Wednesday night event, you can make sure no one checks in their 3rd grader into that room at self-check-in stations.

Custom Security Options for Labels

We've added a security feature and a safety feature to custom labels. For extra security, child labels can be made to only use numbers and bar codes. For extra safety, the name and phone number of the person who checked them in can now be included on the label (useful in emergencies).

Alerts for Label Printing

In some cases we're able to detect when a connected printer isn't installed correctly or is having issues. You'll now get a more specific alert when that happens.

More to come!

There's more printers to support, more reports to build, and a lot more functionality to design and build.

We have a full-time team working on Check-Ins. We're listening to your feedback and we're excited about bringing more features and more polish to the application. If you have any comments or questions please find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or shoot us an email.

Your pals,
The PCO Check-Ins Crew.