UPDATE: This is an old article announcing Check-Ins! You can find up to date info here. Current subscribers can find up-to-date documentation and help articles here.

Eight years ago we created Planning Center Services- the best worship-planning software on the market. Last year we launched Planning Center Resources- the best way to manage your church facilities. Today we are very excited to release our new child and volunteer check-in system, Planning Center Check-Ins!

Simple Design

We believe great software is not only functional, it's beautiful and intuitive. Software you love to use. Whether you're checking in or setting up a station, we think youll love Check-Ins.

Mobile Check-In

Check-Ins lives on the web. That means you can use almost any device to check in your child or yourself to an event.

Label Printing

Printing a label is easy! Just attach a Dymo label printer to your desktop computer and set your mobile device to print to that computer. Dymo Printer

Alternatively, you can use the Planning Center Check-In Station iOS app to print straight to a Citizen CMP-30 bluetooth label printer. This is great for setting up check-in stations on the go or for churches without a WIFI network.

Services Integration

Services Integration Check-Ins and Services are already good friends. Check-ins can be connected with a Services Plan, allowing you to see who which volunteers actually showed up.

Dedicated Team

If there's anything we've learned from developing great software it's this: have a dedicated team and listen to customers. We've been hiring like crazy here and keeping a tight feedback loop with our beta testers. We have a lot planned for Check-Ins and you'll see us rolling out new features in the coming months. Your feedback is critical to that process and we want to know what you think.

Getting Started

This short video that will walk you through the basics of PCO Check-Ins:

If you would like to keep up with all of the improvements and enhancements we are making to Check-Ins, follow us on Twitter @pcocheckins or on Facebook.

Thank you so much for your support, we truely love serving the Church.

~ Jeff Berg and all of us here at PCO