If you've used Resources for a while, you probably have a growing number of old events. You're also probably tired of manually deleting them. Today, we've rolled out a new feature: event archiving.

What it looks like:

Event archive preview

LEFT: Three of our events occurred in the past and they aren't scheduled to occur again. RIGHT: These three events are pulled from the main list and archived.

How it works:

Every night, Resources will take a look at your events. If all the reservation blocks occurred in the past, the event will be archived. To search for an old event, use the link below the event listing. To un-archive an event, just add a new reservation block to the event to make it active again.

One more thing:

Hiding old data means that Resources just got a lot faster! Automatic event archiving will continue to keep your Resources account lean and mean.

We hope you find it useful!
~ The PCO Resources Crew