The Planning Center Support team is here to help around the clock. Our team writes articles, creates videos, tests our apps, teaches and trains at conferences and webinars, and of course helps when you write or call in. Get to know our team below and you'll see that we are blessed with some of the most talented, energetic and passionate people that love the support they do.

Support Agents

Planning Center Support Agents are the first responders for all customer questions. They're not only responsible for over 8,000 responses each month coming from email, phone, Twitter, Facebook and chat, but they also help answer your questions before they're asked by providing webinars, training, videos & documentation.


I like to call myself the Planning Center insurance policy; I check for emergencies during irregular office hours. When I'm not troubleshooting with you fine folks I am hanging out with my INFJ husband, homeschooling our daughter, or making tasty beverages at the nearest Starbucks. My favorite thing about Planning Center is being able to help users spend less time administering & more time caring for people. No one loves spreadsheets and phone trees.


One of the things I focus a lot of time on (in addition to those important support tickets!) is quality testing both our web and mobile apps. Before that, I had handled Quality Assurance for a luxury glass tile company. Originally from Toronto, Canada, I moved to California in 2005. I've been a worship leader since I was 18, and am a worship pastor in San Marcos. Recently, I began doing a number of our Introductory Webinars for PCO Services, and really enjoy helping train people how to use our apps the best way possible for their ministry.


I am the only girl who actually works in our Carlsbad location :). I'm also the morning person on staff and start my shift before most of the west coast is awake. I am recently married and enjoy hanging out at home with my hubby and our two crazy kitties when I'm not at work or at the gym. One of the things I love most about my job, besides the awesome program I get to support and the great guys I get to work with, is that I get off work in time to enjoy an afternoon run by the beach or get a quick workout at the gym before everyone else is off work. My number one goal is to make sure you feel special, because hey, who doesn't like feeling a little special every now and again?


I'm the senior member of the support team and have been with the PCO team for almost four years. I lead worship with my fiancée, Tabitha, at our home church in Encinitas. When we're not at Disneyland or hanging out with friends and family (most times at Disneyland), we enjoy reading, visiting different sites around San Diego county, and playing board games. I travel with Aaron to a lot of the conferences PCO takes part in, and spearhead the regional trainings and webinars that we put on.


I'm the newest member on the Support Team. I've had experience leading worship teams for about 8 years, was a Youth Director, and most recently worked at Logos Bible Software in the support and marketing departments. Along with Aaron, I help make the training videos that you may have seen on our support page. I enjoy playing guitar and drums, learning about how new technology can help our lives, and especially love teaching people ways their lives can be changed by our products.

Product Managers

Planning Center Product Managers are in charge of the overall vision of a product and often answer some of the more intricate questions. Sometimes those questions are passed on from the Support Agents above, but oftentimes the PMs like to jump in and talk to you more often than that. They also see all feature requests and prioritize those for the development team.


I'm the Co-Founder of Planning Center and the Product Manager of PCO Services, Music Stand, Projector, Accounts & Spotlight. I also manage the customer support team and love traveling around the country teaching at worship conferences and regional training events. Before PCO, I had been a full-time Music Pastor for 8 years, most recently at Central Christian in Las Vegas. I love writing music, playing piano & singing (check out my album on iTunes!), and can often be found at the movies or just watching TV with a Dr. Pepper close by.


I'm the Product Manager for Planning Center Resources. I have a background in design, front-end web development, marketing, and project management. A few years ago, I left the ad agency world in LA and moved to San Diego for some beach livin'. I handle much of the Resources support, webinars, feature design, and marketing by working closely with our overcaffeinated developers and overworked designers.