One of the annoying things about email is that it's disconnected from the software and social networks we use and love. We get updates via email, but have to log in to take part in the conversation. We say no more! Now you can just reply to the email notification.

This new feature was added to Resources and Services.

In Resources: Post A Comment in Event Discussions

In Planning Center Resources, event discussions are used to track conversations related to a specific event. In the course of planning an event, people ask questions and post messages to the event's discussion. Now you can reply to the email notification to add a new comment -- without having to log into Resources!

In Services: Post A Comment in Plan Items

An iPhone displaying a message on screen and that message showing up in a song comments section.

In Planning Center Services, people can add comments to items in plans. It's a great way to gather feedback and get input from your volunteers and musicians. Now you can post a reply via email!

We hope this feature makes conversations on Planning Center products a little more convenient!